Our Mission

Delivering quality timber management options which enables the landowner to realize their land’s full potential. As we conduct our harvests, we take special care to help the landowner reach their goals in an environmentally sensitive way.

Our Services

Forest Management

Biomass and Woodwaste

Timber Harvesting

Who We Are

We are State Registered Foresters with over twenty years of experience in the timber industry. Working only with loggers that are Master Timber Harvester trained, North Georgia Timber can achieve the landowner’s goals for their property.

What We Do

We assist private landowners that are interested in managing their lands for revenues, timber growth and/or aesthetics. We generally work with 20 acres and larger parcels of land, depending on the volume of trees present. We guide individuals on how to sell their timber in the best fashion to optimize their objectives for the property.

Who We Serve

Private land owners interested in maximizing their land to it’s full potential. Our services include providing timber management, education, and forecasting timber revenues. We focus on the landowner’s goals for the property now and in the future, providing written management plans that serve as a guide for the future management of tract.

North Georgia Timber works with developers in the Atlanta area whose goals include generating revenues without damaging the salability of the property. Our harvests result in increased access to the property with new and improved road systems, creating increased views of the property to allow for ease of sale, and revenue.

North Georgia Timber serves companies that produce wood waste in the Metro Atlanta area. We remove wood byproducts, scrap pallets, and wood chips from the your facility and deliver them to local power companies that utilize this renewable resource for electricity production. With our relationships with local mills, we are able to reduce disposal fees and offer competitive pricing to our clients for removing this material and keeping more of it out of the landfills.