Timber Harvesting

Whether your land requires a clear cut, first thinning on a pine plantation, a real estate cut, or a slivicultural thinning on a natural pine or hardwood stand, North Georgia Timber provides the management planning and harvest methods for all your harvesting needs.

Each harvest is tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual landowner and property. The harvests consider logging deck location, road construction and layout, tree selection, and timber marketing to make the most sensitive and environmentally friendly logging job possible. Our difference is our personal attention to details and working with quality loggers to produce the best logging experience possible for each landowner. Timber harvesting does not have to be a complicated process – we show you every aspect in your terms and make it easy to understand.

All of North Georgia Timber’s harvests are conducted under the supervision of a Georgia Registered Forester so you know that you will get a quality job from the first tree hitting the ground to the tract’s retirement and cleanup.

Water Quality

Protecting the resource for future generations is of upmost importance during and after harvesting.

Pine Thinning

Leaving the best quality trees is very important for the continued forest growth.

Before Thinning

After Thinning

Real Estate Thinning

10 Trees Per Acre

30 Trees Per Acre

60 Trees Per Acre

Hardwood Thinning

Thinning hardwood can be very complex and invasive to the forest, we strive for as neat a job as possible.

Hardwood Thinning

Hardwood Management In-Progress

Hardwood Management Complete

Clear Cut

Quickest and highest economic return – size and speed is not as important as merchandising the wood to highest value markets.

Underbrush Removal


In Process


Underbrush Removal Before

Underbrush Removal After