Atlanta Woodyard


6377 Riverview Road
Mableton, GA 30126


Wood yard purchasing logs and pulpwood, all species. Located in Mableton and convenient to metro Atlanta.

Monday – Thursday
7:00am – 5:00pm

8:00am – 2:00pm

All Products Must Meet These Specifications – No Exceptions

Length:Random 12ft.6in. – 22ft.Random 12ft.6in. – 22ft.
Diameter:Min. 3in.-25in.Min. 3in.-23in.
Length:17ft. 5in.17ft. 6in.
Diameter:Min: 10in. Inside Bark
Max: 28in.
Min: 10in. Inside Bark
Max: 28in.

All Ply Logs must be free of Scars, Crooks, Forks, Splits, Cat-faces, Ring Knots, Blue Stains, Insect Damage, Rot, or Hollow Areas.
Ply Logs must be Trimmed Flush and Cut Square, No Broken Ends or Notches!

Length:12ft.6in., 14ft.6in., 16ft.6in., 18ft. 6in.
Diameter:Min. 12in. INSIDE BARK

No Crooks, Rot, Hollows, Splits, Metal, Blue Stains, or Forks allowed. Limbs must be Trimmed Flush, as close to the trunk as possible.

Above Specifications are Subject to Change Without Notice.
We Reserve the Right to Refuse any Product that is found to contain Foreign Objects such as Metal, Nails, Staples, Wire, etc, or is otherwise Unacceptable.

Call for current pricing.

Free wood chip dump site – “Come dump on us!”

Monday – Friday
7:00am – 5:00pm

Catering to tree services throughout the Metro Atlanta area.
Chip dump accepting clean wood chips – no trash or other un-chipped material allowed

Questions? Contact Us

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